Braces aren’t just for teens anymore. In fact, they never have been. Adults can benefit from braces treatment at any stage of their life. All that is required are healthy gums and bone structure.

Many adults have smiles that are not as healthy or attractive as they could be. This can cause numerous problems, from decreased self-confidence to negative perceptions on the part of others, especially when the individual does not smile due to shame. There are also health complications, such as gum and bone loss from an uneven bites to abnormal wear of the teeth.

However, many adults are hesitant to look into orthodontic treatment. They worry about how they will look with braces, and depending on their line of work, visible braces could prove worse than a misaligned smile. Luckily, we offer numerous options that are hidden or invisible, allowing adults discretion in their treatment.

If you know your smile could be improved and you want to find out what options you have, schedule a consultation.