Also called “Orthodontic Mini Implants or “OMI”, these appliances are ultra small mini screws that are judiciously placed in the bone to help affect desired tooth movement.


TADs are used to augment anchorage when the desired tooth movement is in need of a “power boost”.  These appliances are hooked to braces on the teeth to aid in space closure, midline correction, bite closure, and many other functions.  TADs are often used to supplement or substitute for elastics.

What to Expect

Placement of the TADs is performed by the orthodontist, oral surgeon, periodontist or general dentist.  The actual placement often does not require anything more than anesthetic gel on the gums!  A patient may experience an adjustment period much like with braces placement.  Removal of the TAD only requires anesthetic gel and healing of the gum tissues requires only a few days at most.